12th April 2014 14:42
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I got a huge cut on my finger while trying to cut that very final piece of a small sausage.


I guess I kinda maybe deserved it for cutting things that small while I was sleepy but but but… 


But cuts hurts a lot dammit!




11th April 2014 3:00
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Friend: Ill be there in 5 minutes are you ready?



6th April 2014 20:15
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6th April 2014 18:00
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try to remember what you did with your free time before tumblr


#kids today #acting like fandom started in tumblr #let me tell you the tales of yahoo mailing lists and bb codes and message boards #let me tell you of power hungry moderators and bnfs#let me tell you of the domain of frank the goat before there was a rich text editor #this is the song of my people

I’ve had 2 dreams where we were attacked by Titans on an island/vacation =_____=

During the first one, I was walking, trying to explore this new area. I like doing that. Then, I started running around a field upon noticing the Titan from afar; while it was attacking other people who had no idea what it was; and then I entered a building like a hotel. I passed through a long corridor that ended with a small cupboard, which opened to an office-like room with large windows that you could see what was happening outside. The room was connecting to a smaller room with windows and I hid there between the chairs while the Titan passed through the road outside where I was hiding. Then I, along with a few more survivors got on a bus and drove back to the house as fast as we could. I know, we were on an island and we got on a bus to return home - dreams. I got off the bus a little far from home, I think we were under the impression that the Titan was following us and I started running back my home.  

After waking up from the first one, I thought “pfft no way something like that could happen again” only to HAVE A SEQUEL OF IT. This time there were 2-3 more people with me and it was a zombie apocalypse-like atmosphere. But with apartments around. I think this meant the Ttians have been around for some time and people knew about them by now because people were obviously hiding in those apartments (here; “obviously” means the weird things you know in a dream). Anyway, we didn’t know why we were back at that place knowing what was there but we were placed in an underground hideout with 3 rooms for us. The rooms had metal doors with locks and my lock was kinda broken. I don’t know why metal doors, because that would be nemo problemo for the Titans, but hey… I wanted help with fixing the lock on my door. These small rooms had a high ceiling window, a bed, a pretty dirty bathroom, etc. And I think we could hear the Titans walking outside.

Then I woke up >_>

19th March 2014 21:10
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This is the most accurate description of the hp fandom’s reaction to the new movies that I’ve ever seen.

18th March 2014 8:57
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i’ve been feeling rly sluggish and a little down, so just to motivate myself and remind myself 

17th March 2014 18:21
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who needs april fools my entire life is a joke

16th March 2014 22:26
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8th March 2014 7:03
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6th March 2014 15:42
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4th March 2014 5:57
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23rd February 2014 15:55
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a character i like: aw cutie

a lady character i really like: beautiful princess baby child of my heart

a dude character i really like: fuckin nerdlord

22nd February 2014 2:39
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The only GIF that the internet really needs.

21st February 2014 21:59
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