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Kotatsu train!


fuck me id ride that

oh my gosh


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Angelic Pretty’s Holy Lantern Series coming soon

21st August 2013 2:41
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untitled by chillhiro on Flickr.

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I’ve been wanting to draw a few things about Lolitas lately, as in the Japanese fashion trend, not the novel. It’s a fashion trend I adore, because it’s basically like small pockets of history, walking around, inspired by Rococo and Victorian fashion and design.

I wanted to draw two posters, one showing the different types of Lolitas, and the other showing the proper layering required to achieve the Lolita look. So far, i’ve only done the “type” one, but it’s a good start!

Technically, only 4 “types” are actual types, the others are more like themes. The main 4 types are classic, punk, gothic and sweet.

I never had the courage to dress up as a lolita myself, but I love looking at all the magazines…

Check out the Wiki for more general details. And lolitafashion.org

Bigger version on deviant art.

Available as a poster print. Click here for the store. 

**EDIT - As added into the original posted (and often requested on the reblogs), this is now available as a poster print! So if you want to have this poster of incredibly cute knowledge of all that is lolita and awesome, YOU CAN! 

Available as a poster print. Click here for the store. 

I love this!

27th May 2013 1:23
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Maiko and Geiko by the Kamogawa (by rosarote)