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Just lonely souls stuck in different parts of the world.
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"A place to live,

a place to die,

but always a good place?”

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With great risk comes great reward.

I didn’t know Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel were in the running to play Wonder Woman

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It’s back


this will always be my favorite

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An undervalued photographer for most of his life, Saul Leiter quietly amassed a body of work that has only recently begun receiving the credit it deserves. Take a look at a selection of his work: http://nyr.kr/1i8QWyN

Above: “Deborah at Tante Esther’s, c. 1947” Photograph by Saul Leiter, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York/Steidl

5th April 2014 11:31
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hearing your voice through a recording



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I wanted to … make [Rorschach] as like, ‘this is what Batman would be in the real world’. But I have forgotten that actually to a lot of comic fans, ‘smelling’, ‘not having a girlfriend’, these are actually kind of heroic! So Rorschach became the most popular character in Watchmen. I made him to be a bad example. But I have people come up to me in the street and saying: ‘I AM Rorschach. That is MY story’. And I’d be thinking: ‘Yeah, great. Could you just, like, keep away from me, never come anywhere near me again as long as I live?’
Alan Moore (via class-snuggle)
5th April 2014 6:15
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AB14 Friday: Really cool Cecil with a glow cloud, like woah. I believe the Cecil is dehearmont! Can also be viewed on flickr.