21st June 2014 4:41
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I lost my dad few weeks ago suddenly and I’m still emotionally in a weird, unbalanced place - hence me not being around too much lately. I go back and take a look at what I was doing, posting, talking about on that day and everything feels too much. I come and go occasionally to pass time but mostly I’m trying to focus on myself trying to get through this and my work to distract me by keeping me as occupied as possible.

I’m thankful for all the friends and relatives who haven’t left my side during this most difficult time of my life and my doctor who has been an amazing pillar of support and a place to find solace to gather myself and my thoughts.

I don’t know for how long I will be gone from here, but I’m hoping I will be back eventually as Tumblr is also another place I find solace in - it’s just not the kind I need right now.

Thanks for your understanding.

4th June 2014 1:32
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all shall   f a d e

14th May 2014 8:50
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An explosion on Tuesday in a coal mine in western Turkey killed at least 151 miners and left more than 200 others trapped underground, Turkey’s energy minister said early Wednesday.

The official, Taner Yildiz, said many, and perhaps most, of the miners had died of smoke inhalation. “We’re dealing with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide poisoning,” Mr. Yildiz said on television. Rescue efforts were continuing but “time is against us,” he added.

The explosion set off a fire that blocked exits from the mine, Cenguz Ergun, the mayor of the town of Manisa, said in a telephone interview with CNN Turk news television. The accident took place in Soma Township, a part of Manisa, which has some of the world’s largest coal reserves.

It took place as workers were changing shifts in midafternoon, which made it more difficult for officials to determine how many miners were trapped inside the mine. As many as 400 people could be trapped as much as 2,000 feet below the surface, several local officials said.

A total of 787 miners were registered at site, in two shifts, and Mr. Yildiz said 363 of them had been rescued.

13th May 2014 23:55
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sometimes i just

a lot of times

Best use of a cat

12th May 2014 22:15
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Fabien Merelle

12th May 2014 22:15
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