About Me

I’m a graphic & web designer and the writer of a column in a magazine.

I make impossible commitments, obsessively collect things I can’t afford, I’m an arbitrary illustration lover, deadline racer, crying editor, freelancer, animu/mango victim, tv/movie digger, daydreamer. The last one has more consequences than I’d like to admit.

Aside from the one-sided romance I’m having with Japan (and every other beautiful place I can’t go), this tag is pretty much about every boring thing that makes me.

English is not my mother language, so bear with me about any weird expressions I think I’m saying correctly. A few years ago on a whim, I ended up with Japanese lessons and am now JLPT 3, but I still have no idea how I found the energy to do so. Years ago, I also used to learn German, but we were never on good terms with it and I’m pretty sure my brain erased a major part of that information to open up space for things I actually want to learn. If I had time now, I’d want to practice Italian or French ;3;

Everything aside; although illustration is not my strength, I love to doodle every now and then. I’m hoping to one day overcome my shyness and post them little by little.

Since my tags ended up getting out of hand, here’s a tag cloud. That cloud doesn’t include absolutely everything here and needs some editing in the near future (haha even I didn’t believe the near future part…).

In a very general sense, I mostly post about anime*, manga, tv series/shows, movies, comics, art, design and fashion. And of course cats - this is the internet, don’t know why I even felt the need to say that.

I never started a general tag for anime when I opened this account, and I sure as hell can’t & won’t go over 12k posts to tag them after this…

There’ll also be a “my posts" tag.

Feel free to say hi and thanks for the visit.


"The adventure of life goes on."